Travel across our natural worlds, in buoyant discovery

Sometimes it is just not enough to look at things, you must experience them skin deep. Snorkeling in the fjords will embed you into nature in such a grand way that you’ll find it hard to peel yourself out of it.

If you are overwhelmed by the wilde beauty of our mountains, you will be delighted by the detailed beauty of our nature underwater. The fjords are the nurseries of all the species that make the Nordic Sea such a known source of quality seafood and a simple dip with mask and fins - and a wetsuit on the colder days - will open your eyes to the big discovery: unending kelp forests, fishes everywhere, enchanted underwater seascapes, nature and life unleashed. Our snorkeling visits the most famous dive site of the region – lake of Lygnstøysvatnet.

Guided activity

Snorkeling with guide

From 6500,- for 2 people.



  • private guide
  • wet suit
  • mask and snorkel
  • neoprene shoes
  • neoprene gloves
  • snorkeling fins

Upgrade your activity

  • luxury picnic
  • drinks and beverages