A hikers dream

Autumn is one of the best seasons for travel for so many reasons, and the autumn in Norway is truly magical. The fjords and beautiful views Norway is known for are made even more beautiful with the fall colours and misty cold mornings. Although the weather can be a little more unpredictable, and you will either find yourself at the top of a mountain covered in snow or enjoying the sunshine by the water, it all adds to the Norwegian autumn experience!

There’s something about being in Sunnmøre that will make you look at the mountains and cliffs surrounding us from the “oh, I think I really need to go up there right now!” perspective. Around Union Øye there’s an embarrassing wealth of hikes of all levels and catering to all wishes, from the extreme to the contemplative. Some will take you to tops that will impress upon you the notion that you’ve reached the roof of the planet, with a carpet of urgently steep mountains reaching out into all directions – the Slogen, the Urkeegga, the Saksa and more.

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Complementary daily activity

Complementary daily activity

Every night after dinner we gather in the living room to learn more about the history of Union Øye—a place where adventures, Kings, queens, and lovers have been savoring the good life for generations.


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