Mountain hike

Join the old world’s mountaineering nobility. Right outside your room’s window, no matter where you’re facing, there are unforgettable and adventurous hikes to be had.

Union Øye is the entry point of some of the most iconic mountain hikes and trails in Norway and has attracted mountaineering nobility for over a century. The hotel itself is a working library on local and international mountain climbing and exploration and we will be happy to provide you with guides for all levels of outdoorsiness. There are soft hikes and summit adventures to be enjoyed. The hotel has been the basecamp of many an international climber and one needs just to consult its Climbers Book, in the library, to have the mind reeling with exclusive mountaineering possibilities.

The Sunnmøre Alps, a unique set of rugged tall mountains carved by the power and patience of ice, are waiting for you, with hikes and climbs for every level of expertise and every size of travel heart. If you are looking into changing your altitude, look no further. “Amidst the chaos of edges and summits”, as Kristofer Randers wrote in the 1800’s, lies the mountaineering pearl we call the Sunnmøre Alps. They have been a magnet to world famous explorers like Slingsby and Patchell, and generations of mountaineers. Norwegian’s spirits soar where the air is thinner  - along with a deep sense of achievement and exploration, you’ll find opportunities to meet the locals at their sociable best. Tours for all tastes and levels of mountaineering prowess, do you wish to check them out?

Hiking the fjords


  • map
  • packed lunch

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  • private guide