Fjord Cruise

Hjørundfjord is one of the most extraordinary fjords in all of Norway.


Cycling adventures surrounded by spectacular and remote fjord nature.


Gliding silently over water, safely roaming about the fjords


Right outside your room’s window there are unforgettable hikes to be had.

Wine Tastings

Hosted by our Sommelier every Thursday in the wine room.

Drive the fjords

Some of the world’s most beautiful roads is to be found in the Sunnmøre region


Travel across our natural worlds, in buoyant discovery


Sunnmøre, as seen from an eagle’s viewpoint.

Fjord sauna

Swimming in the outdoors is totally normal in Norway


Walking on the softest snow

Ski touring

In winter the Sunnmøre Alps transform into a playground for adventure seekers.

Arctic lavvo

Enjoy an outdoor lunch in an arctic lavvo