Earn your turns

There is a small village deep in the fjords, between steep mountains and towering peaks. An enchanting fjord castle that has attracted adventure seekers since the 19th century. Artists, royals, and mountaineers. They have traveled here, to a village as beautiful, friendly, and wild as only nature can create.

In the Norwegian winter, the skies unveil themselves and the slopes of the Sunnmøre Alps transform into a playground for adventure seekers to practice their craft in the world’s most spectacular winter wonderland. As the world seems to accelerate at a never-ending pace, the search for immersive and authentic adventures becomes ever more important. This is why we have created a ski adventure that allows an intimate pace to experience unmatched mythical beauty carved out by the rhythms of the season. 

Ski touring weekend

from 16 000,-

Offer is priced per person and includes:
– professional ski and mountain guide
– all accommodation
– all meals

The dates
9.–12. February | 23.–26. February | 23.–26. March | 6.–9. April | 27.–30. April 

Who can join?

The region's most experienced guides rely on more than 100 peaks in the fjord network to create an adventure for any level of skier. If you are hardened adrenaline junky on the search for new lines and fresh powder or a newbie trying skins for the first time, our guides will show you the way.


We gather in front of the fireplace at 5 Pm. The guide will present the weekend program, with a weather and ski condition report. We‘ll also do a last check of the equipment before wine tasting in the wine cellar.

Friday and Saturday
Breakfast in the Conservatory. The day's route will be adjusted to the group, weather, and conditions. Your guide will make the best plans for a day of joy and excitement and fun skiing and we‘ll enjoy our packed lunch in the mountains. Enjoy the afternoon in the most beautiful surroundings and have a glass of something refreshing in the Palm room. Curious to learn more about the history of the surrounding mountains? In our library, you will find antique alpine journals and newer books filled with inspiration that can take you back over 100 years in time. In the evening we‘ll welcome tired bodies to an amazing 3-course dinner in the Conservatory.

Enjoy your breakfast and then bring your coffee to a gathering for information and planning regarding today's trip. The guide will also be adaptable to any departure times. Remember to bring your packed lunch and enjoy your last day in the majestic Sunnmøre alps!


Equipment rental

We offer rental and testing of top of the range ski touring equipment. If you wish to hire equipment on one of our guided tours, please let us know well in advance. Then we will find your perfect fit. We have, among other things, rental of skis, ski boots, avalanche equipment and helmets.