Drive the fjords

The Sunnmore Alps are home to some of Scandinavia´s finest driving roads. Be it dramatic flyovers, scenic ferry transfers, or sub ocean tunnels, your journey in the Morgan will be one to remember.

Anyone who enjoys driving or to be driven will be thrilled to know that some of the world’s most beautiful roads is to be found in the Sunnmøre. There’s a vast amount of scenic viewpoints, made even more relevant by the signature world-class architecture applied to their public spaces, and most drives may involve a ferry across some fjord, an exotic to experience fjordland. We joke that even our car transfers are worth the trip to our very own Norway - but we do know it is no joke. 

As a guest at Union Øye you have the option to rent a Morgan to explore the very best of the region.

Morgan Plus Four driving adventure


  • Electric Porsche Taycan
  • day rental
  • capacity 2 pax

Upgrade your activity

  • luxury picnic