Aboundance of idyllic natural waterfalls

Springtime in Norway is a magical time when the snow melts, flowers begin to bloom and the landscapes come to life with lush greenery.

Likeways the days get longer and the weather becomes milder, making it the perfect time to explore Norway's stunning natural beauty. The waterfalls are filled with water and you can go skiing in the mountains and smell the green grass by the fjord. For many, this is their favorite time of year, when we celebrate new life and feel the excitement for warmer days ahead.

Magical Spring getaway


  • overnight stay
  • breakfast
  • storytelling

Enhance your stay

  • guided activities
  • transfer to/from airport
  • savor the taste of the fjords in our restaurants

Complementary daily activity

Complementary daily activity

Every night after dinner we gather in the living room to learn more about the history of Union Øye—a place where adventures, Kings, queens, and lovers have been savoring the good life for generations.


Seasonal offers

Stay longer

Complementary third night in October.

A romantic rendezvous

A love story since 1891.

Hiking the fjords

Unforgettable and adventurous hikes right outside your room’s window.

Paddle the fjords

Around the fjords there are myriad ramps and roads that can safely be accessed to provide you a starting point for your kayaking adventures.

Explore the fjords with our activities