Earn your turns

If you are a hardened adrenaline junky on the search for new lines and fresh powder a newbie trying skins for the first time, our guides will show you the way. 

In the Norwegian winter, the skies unveil themselves and the slopes of the Sunnmøre Alps transform into a playground for adventure seekers to practice their craft in the world’s most spectacular winter wonderland. As the world seems to accelerate at a never-ending pace, the search for immersive and authentic adventures becomes ever more important. This is why we have created a ski adventure that allows an intimate pace to experience unmatched mythical beauty carved out by the rhythms of the season. 

Ski touring in the Sunnmøre Alps


  • local guide
  • packed lunch
  • transfer to/from ski trip

Upgrade your activity

  • fjord cruise
  • ski rental
  • map