Union Øye ——— At your service since 1891

Follow the footsteps of adventurers, royals, writers, and lovers to Union Øye

Stay longer

Complementary third night in October.

Autumn in the Norwegian fjords

The fjords and Norways natural beauty are made even more beautiful with the fall colours and misty cold mornings.

A romantic rendezvous

A love story since 1891.

Winter in the Norwegian fjords

The Sunnmøre Alps is a playground for adventure seekers to practice their craft in the world’s most spectacular winter wonderland.

Hiking the fjords

Unforgettable and adventurous hikes right outside your room’s window.

Paddle the fjords

Around the fjords there are myriad ramps and roads that can safely be accessed to provide you a starting point for your kayaking adventures.

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62°NORD is proud to cater to travelers to explore the essence of adventure, luxury, and sustainability. With a variety of immersive adventures led by local guides, travelers can experience breathtaking landscapes in unparalleled ways, whether it's driving, hiking, skiing, kayaking, or cycling in this magnificent environment. With a fleet of luxury boats, a fleet of electric Porsche Taycans, and our exceptional hotels: Storfjord, Union Øye, Brosundet, Isfjord Radio, Nordenskiöld Lodge and Basecamp Hotel each offering upscale stays in picturesque and exotic locations.

In addition to adventure and luxury accommodations, 62°NORD provides tailored experiences that celebrate a rich cultural heritage. We emphasize sustainability, investing in small communities, embracing eco-friendly hospitality practices, and creating a lifeline for otherwise unserviced communities.

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