The history of Hotel Union Øye blends with the history of the world, and its walls have seen a unique, and uniquely long, list of discerning guests. A highlight of their journey was to savor the taste of the fjords in enchanting surroundings, which for many still is a reason to have Hotel Union Øye as their destination. 

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Please be seated in the Conservatory for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and for the sunny days in our garden by your choice. In our gourmet restaurant, chef Knut Edvard Kjersem celebrates the region’s great traditions and some of the best local produce in the world. Gourmets of all tastes will be delighted by his ever-evolving daily menu. For a lighter meal you are welcome to enjoy our snacks menu which is served all day at the hotel.

The Palm Room

Our whimsical bar with a curated selection vintage cocktails, local beers and favorites from our wine room. Drinks are served from noon til late and for you to enjoy by the bar, in our living rooms or in the garden.